The project’s team are Albert and Yas, sheep shepherds and artisanal cheesemakers. Our farm is the excuse to live the way we chose: in an organic and sustainable way, with social conscience and defending our natural environment.

The herd is the center of all our activities. They are sheep that life a sheep life. Since their vital cycle is tied to the season’s natural passage, all matters connected with their well-being depend on the environment and our accurate intervention as shepherds.


In 2013 we decided to learn about sheepherding in Arantzazu’s Artzai Eskola in the Basque Country. We paused our life in Catalonia and in Basque boundaries we combined studies, cohabitation with a local shepherd’s family and farming trainee in Pikunieta Baserria and visits to diverse projects in the Basque Country and in the French Basque Country. Back in Catalonia we studied cheese making.

We take the compromise of producing quality over quantity. We take on the commitment of making healthy food, with flavors and scents given by the land, promoting with direct sale the vital importance of the relationship between producer and costumer.

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